Apple and why I cannot recommend their computers

Apple is good at making well-made products and they must be doing something right with marketing, there’s no doubt about that.

But I’ve never understood why anyone would actually buy one.Am I wrong? Let me know in the comments below.

Specs vs Price

The majority of people conclude that Macs are faster than other computers. This is straight up false. I believe this stems from the fact that people are willing to pay a lot more for a Mac than any other computer, but in fact you get less for your money.

Here’s a comparison. Let’s look at laptops in the $2000 range. (Note that this article is based in NZ on NZ prices)

NameThe Apple MacBook pro 13"Lenovo Thinkpad L480 14"Gigabyte P55Wv7 15.6"
Processori5 2.3GHz Dual-Core, Turbo 3.6GHzi7-8550U 1.8 GHz Quad-Core, Turbo 4.0 GHz i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz Quad Core, Turbo 3.8GHz
Memory8GB8GB 16GB
Storage128GB SSD256GB SSD256GB SSD. 1TB HDD.
GraphicsIntel Iris PlusIntelIntel HD Graphics 630,
SummaryThe standard 13" MacBook Pro.

The only advantage of Macs is the high resolution (retina) display. More on this below.
Lenovo is a big name in the professional industry. Not so big in the home market.

The Lenovo beats the MacBook by having more cores. The Macs faster Dual Core processor is still beaten by the turbo clock of the quad core.

Summary: You get a faster computer, double the storage and 1" more screen-size for more than $150 less!
More of an entertainment machine than a business machine.

This would be the obvious choice for someone like me, who would sacrifice a bit of size for something much more powerful.

For well over $600 less than the Mac. You get a machine easily capable of video editing, playing video games and could even play in some VR.

Pluses for Macs (Retina and Build Quality)

So what is retina? It is simply a high pixel density display. More pixels are crammed in to a smaller screen. This makes for sharper images. It’s hard to explain without seeing it in real-life.
However I don’t believe that trades-off for the lack of power that other computers provide.

Mac is really good for their build-quality. If build-quality is your thing then HP have the best build quality in my opinion. But they also are the most expensive non-Mac computers. HP are also in my opinion over-priced (not as badly as Mac). And they also have a similar problem to Mac and prefer non-standard designs in Desktop computers increasing the repair costs and limiting options for upgrades.

If you want to get a good ratio of performance, price and build quality, I would recommend Lenovo.

Mac OS

I’m not entirely sure why some people find Mac OS easier to use. To me it’s far more difficult. This is most likely based on what I’m used to. But I see people making mistakes on Mac OS all the time. Users leaving applications running in the background unaware. It’s easy to tell on a Windows machine what’s open, simply look at the task bar.

Unfortunately because of Windows extremely large market share on the desktop most programs are compatible with it. I think this is the lament of anyone not using Windows. But for a lot of us we have no choice but to use it.
I would simply recommend Windows for it’s high compatibility with almost everything.

Alternatives to Windows

But if that’s not a worry for you because you only browse the net, watch movies, check your emails, and your computer did not come with any OS. Then I would recommend Ubuntu Linux. Simply because of its relatively high compatibility.

Linux is known for requiring a lot of tweaks because there’s so many different versions. But the most popular is Ubuntu so it has a similar advantage to Windows, except only relative to the Linux world. So if you are an average user and want to use Linux, Ubuntu is a good choice.

What not to buy

Look carefully at laptops under $1000. A common mistake I see people doing is buying those cheap and nasty below $700 notebooks that simply do not have enough storage to be fully functional. Always check the specs, if it has less than 120GB of storage DO NOT buy it.

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