Back from holiday

I had a nice relaxing holiday away from everything. I’ve hit the ground running on EE and have already done many improvements.Camera priority system

Camera Priority System

Set the camera you want to be using to a high priority value and if there is no override camera it’ll use the highest priority camera. This is good for if the player hasn’t spawned in yet. And you want the camera to be somewhere while waiting for the player to spawn.

One example is Battlefield, when the camera is in the sky looking down. That would be a low priority camera. And the player would spawn with a high priority camera.

You can override any priority camera by setting the OverrideCamera property in the world. I generally don’t recommend doing this. But it can be useful, for example you want to add some kind of free-cam cheat code.

One note of warning, the editor camera has a priority of 99,999. If you set a camera with higher priority than that, it’ll override the editors camera. This can be useful however if you want to preview what the camera is seeing.

Improved input handling

While using the editor you now must click the 3D window to activate input in to the game engine. Press ctrl-X to disable input. Don’t worry if you forget these input combinations, as they are shown obviously just below the 3D viewport.

Coming soon – Gizmos

It’s been a long time coming. But the usability of Explore Engine will be getting a massive upgrade with the introduction of Gizmos. You’ll be able to see objects that aren’t even visible. Which way things are facing, the range of lights, and much more!

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