Huge thanks to Andres from BulletSharp for providing a work-around for the local inertia values. Database integration progress The last week I’ve been moving from json serialization to saving to/from a database and loading on-demand. It’s quite a lot of behind the scenes work so I don’t have a whole lot to show for the […]

World Storage, Asset Handling Improvements, Built-in multiplayer support

Previous tests used json for storing the world, this was what NetGL used. But this is not good for our target, we need something that can fetch certain parts of the world as we need it. Not all at once like in json. This is where LinqConnect comes in handy, because we don’t just want […]


I’m using Bullet if any one is interested on reading about it. Bullet is quite a famous physics engine, you may have seen it more than you realize. Below is a picture of the debug wireframe mesh that shows the physics layout in the world. For good measure is a cube sitting on the ground. […]

Important options. Reducing blog post rate.

The last couple of days I’ve been focusing on some basic features that are missing, like changing the ambient light. Adding specular highlights to materials and adding normal mapping. Also I’ve been working on the material editor. And adding the ability to save materials and prefabs. Saving prefabs is one of the massively important features […]