Code Editor Improvements


At the moment the code editor isn’t the most fun to use. So that’s why I’m adding some awesome stuff like intelligent code completion and code folding.

How it works

After each successful compile it’ll read the compiled reflection of your scripts to determine what it can use for the code completion. Don’t worry it also reads the referenced DLLs too.

What’s done so far

So far the code completion only reads the referenced DLLs. And the code completion is nothing more than a tooltip a this stage. Code folding is complete, so you can now +/- code you don’t need to see right now.

Preview of the script editor

Over the next week I’ll be implementing the ability to determine what is an instanced object instead of a definition of one. And also actual code completion

I’m looking forward to doing some samples and examples. It’ll be a nice change to go from working on EE to working in EE.

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