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EE Updates

I’ve been a bit slack lately with the blog, but here’s an update of what’s being done at the moment.

  • Windows Runtime now loads projects
  • Improved many aspects of scripting. I’ve been focusing on the scripting system lately.
  • Making examples and Demos, these are not only useful for demonstrating the engine, but also for scripting examples.

Don’t forget you can check out the latest source code changes here.


I’ve been given the opportunity to flex my web development skills by building an event management system for the guys over at Kingscon, I’ll be working on this instead of EE possibly for the next month. I might still contribute a bit to EE when I feel like a break from PHP.

For those curious I’m using PHP 7.2 for the primary language, MySQL for the database, NetBeans IDE, XDebug for the debugger, and WampServer for the test environment.

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