Explore Engine Source

Explore Engine is now Open Source. This just means that you can look at my changes and suggest your own 🙂

Possibly download the source and compile it yourself.

If you’re following closely you could also see just what I’ve changed on the day-to-day.


ExploreCode is the new Code Editor built specifically for integration with Explore Editor. I experimented with using Notepad++ and other code editors. But decided to roll my own with the Avalon Editor control, the same text editor SharpDevelop uses.

This means I can integrate a more customized experience for writing code in Explore Engine.

Node Positioning

In previous netcode client-side objects had their own positional information. Now every CSO must be linked to a Node and Nodes are the only thing that have client-side positional information on the client. Positional information details are only stored with the NodeID. So they CSO can lookup the position based on its owned NodeID.

Less positional information needs to be sent to the clients from the server.

The position update code on the server has 2 distance values to determine the quality of the positional updates. One for fast updates which sends movement data for every moving object every server frame. And another for slow updates which only sends a new update if the Node has moved by 1 meter or more. No information is sent if outside those ranges.

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