General Fixes and Improvements

This last week I’ve been taking advice from testers and doing some testing myself.

Thanks JamesBacon for helping me realize Sqlite3.dll was a dependency. I just assumed LinqConnect included it itself.

I’ve fixed model loading, you can now see static models once again. Animations coming soon.

Fixed the duplication glitch.

When you double click a game object on the node view the camera now faces the correct way (towards what you double clicked).

Drag-drop parenting now implemented. That’s right! You can now parent things 🙂 Simply drag-drop on the NodeView (left side of the view window)

Nodes around primary nodes now load. No more nothingness when you load your project!

Some minor performance improvements to the terrain generator.

The new version including these fixes is available from the download page


I’ve been thinking of ways to make this engine financially viable. So I’ve decided to add ads to the website. You’ll see them near the footer, hopefully non-intrusively. It’s using Google Adsense so should be safe. If you think of a better way please comment 🙂

Don’t worry, there’ll never be ads on EE or its editor apart from the EE logo itself or other related logos or what game authors put there themselves.

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