Networking continued

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas/New Years. Explore Engine development in the realm of networking continues with more features being ported to the new way of doing things every day.

I’ve been working on EE over the holidays. And have gotten the engine rendering terrain again. And now it’s all sync’d and network ready.


I’m currently working on input. This will be done in a hybrid client-side and server-side way.

The moment you press a button such as forward the Clientside object can control a simulated movement, even if its not moving on the server yet. This should be a slow-speed-up feeling so that the server has time to start moving a bit more suddenly to catch up.

Positions and velocities are synchronized with a degree of interpolation to increase smoothness.

The reverse happens when stopping.

TODO before next test

Before I can get it to the point where it’s worth testing again. I need to finish the following:

  • Input
  • Component Editor
  • Graphical Glitches


I’ve added the ability to send donations if you feel like it.

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