Terrain Generator Upgrades. And Networking Integration.

Terrains are nicer to work with now. I’ve removed generator layers in favour of biomes. Biomes are basically a different set of generator rules that are blended with other rules to create more varied terrain. Allowing the separation of grassy hills and deserts for instance. The generator no longer generates per chunk, but now generates […]

Performance enhancements and asset libraries!

Not much to really talk about this week. But I have found some bugs which were draining performance in the material system. And I have added a Asset library functionality for the scripting engine. So now you can browse the asset library using your own scripts in game or add the ability to look for […]

General Fixes and Improvements

This last week I’ve been taking advice from testers and doing some testing myself. Thanks JamesBacon for helping me realize Sqlite3.dll was a dependency. I just assumed LinqConnect included it itself. I’ve fixed model loading, you can now see static models once again. Animations coming soon. Fixed the duplication glitch. When you double click a […]