Performance enhancements and asset libraries!

Not much to really talk about this week. But I have found some bugs which were draining performance in the material system.
And I have added a Asset library functionality for the scripting engine. So now you can browse the asset library using your own scripts in game or add the ability to look for assets in your own editor addins.

You can now set your own default material by calling it ‘default’. This is going to be what any model loads as its material. In EE textures are set by the MeshRenderer rather than the material (unlike in Unity). However you can set your own textures per material if the particular shader requires it.

seamlessly loading terrain
Results of the improved performance on material loading means terrain loading is now faster than the editor camera!

Current performance state

Currently there is the odd stutter. This is due to memory garbage collection. I need to go through and tidy a couple of things not being managed correctly.

This is a sad side effect of marrying managed things with unmanaged things. Plus I’m not very experienced in the world of unmanaged memory, so this doesn’t help me much, but I shall do some reading and get it working much better.

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