Programming is fun

Progress with EE

Lately I’ve been writing example scripts for Explore Engine. I haven’t done many yet. And while I work on that I’m also working on improving the script editor. Yes I am writing the examples using the very same script editor.

Writing software, how not to hate it

This is simply based on my experience. But I highly recommend thinking of ways to make your code modular. I think most people would agree.

In PHP even though you don’t really have to use things like classes, I can’t stress enough how much better your life will be if you do.

Using an Object Oriented approach to programming really helps in making your code more like a bunch of mini-programs with little lives of their own. Instead of making one giant monolith. Doing it this way has the benefit of helping you not get tired of writing stuff, because each object or module you make is rewarding. And when you think of a better way to do something, or you want to make another version of something it becomes easy.

Slow progress on EE

I’ve been almost having a break from EE. I’ve still been working on it, but cut back to less than an hour a day. This is just because of all the extra effort I’ve been putting in to other areas of my life at this stage. But I promise, I’ll be back to full speed soon. Once I have a new desk setup ;).

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