Terrain Generator Upgrades. And Networking Integration.

Terrains are nicer to work with now. I’ve removed generator layers in favour of biomes. Biomes are basically a different set of generator rules that are blended with other rules to create more varied terrain. Allowing the separation of grassy hills and deserts for instance.

The generator no longer generates per chunk, but now generates per point. This reduces the memory footprint. However it does increase cpu usage. But overall it is faster.

The biggest cause of performance hits are modifiers such as erosion and smoothing. This is because these modifiers need to know the surrounding terrain. And to know this it must run the generator on them.


Explore Engine is built with multiplayer in mind. And as such will have networking built right in and seamless.

The engine runs in two sections. The client and the server. The server runs all the logic in all the loaded world. And the client runs some certain client-side objects and has all the renderers.

The Explore Engine Editor is a client itself. And as such this will mean that you can work with collaborators on the same project at the same time. This is not implemented just yet though, as this requires Asset synchronization from the editor to the server.

TODO List Updated

You’ll probably notice some stuff has been added and moved around. As running in to obstacles changes what needs to be done first.

  • Physics freeze on unloaded chunks to prevent things from falling through the world. Done
  • Complete Net-Code
  • Material Editor/Selector. Currently only the default material is usable due to these not being complete.
  • Fix bug in scripting system that makes Explore Editor need to be restarted to refresh running scripts.
  • Improve boned model support.
  • Dynamic collision mesh loading (Loading of collision meshes can be slow. It’d be better if it was loaded when a physics object is nearby).
  • Scatters (Forests, rocky fields)
  • Rivers (Includes tools to make waterfalls and adjust flow paths)
  • Terrain painting
  • Terrain holes (Allows the creation of underground structures and tunnels). Basically an eraser tool that allows the removal of polygons from terrain. Building the actual tunnels is up to your 3D artist.
  • Find and squish as many bugs as I can along the way.
  • Make a start on runtime player.*
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