Terrain TODO

EE Production is back in relative full swing (I also work fulltime). I’ve been working on getting stuff ready for a demo to get the other developers excited about developing 🙂

Basically this means getting the terrain system up to scratch. So here’s a classic TODO list. In order of importance.

  • Finish the configuration dialog box.
  • Allow custom height-mapping (Painting/Smoothing/Flattening heights). Not just using the procedural generator.
  • Allow texture overriding (Painting on the terrain)
  • Finish Scatter Objects.
  • Finish the ‘roads’ tool
  • Terrain deformation API (Low priority at this stage)

Why have procedural terrain anyway?

The procedural generator exists to help with the fact that the engine is designed for seriously huge worlds. Developers can’t be expected to work on every little details of millions of km squared. And the only thing worse than procedural nothingness is flat nothingness haha

Procedural world generation will also allow the players to build their own towns and villages too, bringing another layer of play-style and exploration

The roads tool?

Roads are something that can be quite hard to draw on terrain. This is because you want to smooth in one direction while staying level in another.

A benefit of this is road data can be stored as a bezier curve, allowing for AI to look it up and follow it. Roads can then be dynamically edited.

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