TODO list

This last week I’ve been working on the rotation Gizmo. It’s not perfect, but it is usable. So I’ve been doing a lot of usability and bug testing as well.

Just so you guys know what’s currently the status here’s my current to-do list.

  • Physics freeze on unloaded chunks to prevent things from falling through the world.
  • Material Editor/Selector. Currently only the default material is usable due to these not being complete.
  • Fix bug in scripting system that makes Explore Editor need to be restarted to refresh running scripts.
  • Improve boned model support.
  • Dynamic collision mesh loading (Loading of collision meshes can be slow. It’d be better if it was loaded when a physics object is nearby).
  • Terrain scatters (Forests, rocky fields)
  • Terrain rivers (Includes tools to make waterfalls and adjust flow paths)
  • Terrain holes (Allows the creation of underground structures and tunnels). Basically an eraser tool that allows the removal of polygons from terrain. Building the actual tunnels is up to your 3D artist.
  • Find and squish as many bugs as I can along the way.
  • Make a start on runtime player.*
  • Make a start on net-code.*

*Long term goals


Gizmos are implemented now. You can write your own gizmos following the tutorial here. You can make one for any component including ones you’ve made yourself.


The last testing session went great. Lots of stuff was found and fixed. I’m looking forward to the next testing session. However I am aware of the lack of interest in the engine limiting just how many testers I have. This isn’t really a surprise as advertising the engine has been extremely limited. This is because I don’t want to show the engine in its current state of buggyness.

What’s currently being worked on

The next week I’m working on the material editor. At the moment all custom models loaded are just the default grey diffuse material. So yup hopefully some better screenshots than this one haha.

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